Maen Bamatraf

Summer Break: 30 Brilliant Activities For Kids In Riyadh!

Looking for the perfect places to keep your kiddos entertained in Riyadh now that summer break is around the corner? Look no further! Here’s a roundup of 30 amazing activities that promise a day full of fun and excitement for your little kids in Riyadh.

1. Hello Park

Watch your kids get fascinated by the digital magic with interactive games that will keep them mesmerized.

2. Snow City Riyadh

Escape the heat and let your kids enjoy a winter wonderland with snowboarding and skiing adventures.

3. Bounce KSA

Let your children jump, flip, and soar in this trampoline paradise – perfect for burning off energy!

4. Prison Island Riyadh

Challenge your kids with escape rooms that test their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

5. Big Fun Museum

Capture Insta-worthy moments as your kids explore illusions and fairy tale scenes at the Big Fun Museum.

6. Cool Arena Ice Skating Rink

Take them to glide on Riyadh’s largest ice rink – fun for both beginners and seasoned skaters.

7. Real-Life Mario Kart at Battle Kart

Let your kids experience the thrill of real-life Mario Kart in this interactive driving game.

8. Wister Anime-Themed Restaurant

Treat your anime-loving kids to a unique dining experience with themed décor and dishes.

9. Chuck E Cheese

The ultimate party destination with games, character shows, and customizable invites.

10. We Rock the Spectrum

An inclusive gym where kids of all abilities can play, create, and have a blast.

11. Magic Planet

Virtual reality adventures, arcade games, bumper cars – a perfect spot for a fun-filled day.

12. Cafe Ceramique

A creative haven where kids can paint ceramics while enjoying tasty treats.

13. Archery Range

For a thrilling experience, let your older kids test their aim and compete in archery. Kids-friendly areas available!

14. My Gym

Tailored birthday parties with games, rides, and fun activities designed around your kids in Riyadh.

15. Fuddruckers

Your kids will enjoy delicious burgers and play in the mini arcades.

16. Applebee’s

Great food with play areas to keep your little ones entertained during your meal.

17. Sizzler House

A mega play area with a jungle gym and mini cinema, perfect for a family-friendly meal.

18. Outback Steakhouse

Delicious food and fun activities like face painting and games for the kids.

19. Go4Fun

An arcade wonderland with darts, air hockey, and virtual reality experiences.

20. 404 Arcade

A gaming hub with arcade machines, air hockey, and a food court to refuel.

21. Sparky’s

Skill-based games with fantastic prizes – a hit with competitive kids.

22. The Sandwich Co.

Colorful and fun burgers that will delight your children.

23. Riyadh Adventure

A thrilling theme park in Riyadh with kids activities like flying, flipping, jumping, and climbing. Open from 5:30 PM- 12 AM to protect everyone from the summer heat!

24. Saqer Al-Jazirah Royal Air Force Museum

An educational outing in Riyadh that’ll leave kids mindblown!

25. Goal Junior

Football fun for kids aged 5 to 15 with mini-tournaments and friendly matches.

26. House of Hype

Engage your kids in a world where virtual reality meets real-life excitement with this awesome activity in Riyadh.

27. Piatto

Let your kids become little chefs and make their own Italian pizza!

28. Superano

Treat them to the tallest ice cream cone in Riyadh – a sweet adventure they’ll never forget!

29. Adventura

A hub of fun with games, crafts, activities, and birthday party options.

30. Sala Laser Tag

Laser tag battles for an action-packed day out.