Esraa Al-Qahtani

You Can Now Find Dubai’s Viral Chocolate In KSA! (Price Included)

You’ve probably seen it all over social media – that chocolate bar from Dubai filled with kunafa, pistachio paste, and tahini. Well, now you can get your hands on it right here in KSA, thanks to Rose Sweets‘s impeccable version of Dubai’s viral chocolate bar!

Rose Sweets is the place to be if you’re craving this famous chocolate treat like us. They’ve brought the Dubai sensation to KSA, and people can’t get enough of it. Originally crafted by Fix Dessert Chocolatier, this chocolate has become a global hit, and Rose Sweets is making sure KSA doesn’t miss out.

What makes Rose Sweets’ version special? It’s all about the flavors and quality. With each bite, you’ll taste the rich chocolate, the nutty tahini, and the crunchy kunafa. It’s a flavor mix that’s worth every bit.

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Wondering about the price? At 24 riyals a pop, you might think it’s a bit pricey, but let us tell you, it’s worth every single riyal. The burst of flavors and the pure indulgence with every bite make it a total treat for any chocolate fan.

People in KSA are loving Rose Sweets’ version so much, thanks to the high-quality chocolate! However, they’re asking for the filling to be thicker to make it even closer to the original from Dubai.

While everyone’s clamoring for it, remember, it is worth noting that KSA’s Rose Sweets doesn’t do delivery for their version of Dubai’s viral chocolate. This chocolate bar is selling out so fast! So, if you want to try this mouthwatering treat, head to your nearest Rose Sweets branch and treat yourself to a taste of Dubai right here in KSA!