Esraa Al-Qahtani

Viral Desserts And Drinks In Riyadh That Are Worth Trying!

Riyadh’s dessert and drink scene is blowing up with viral treats that are totally worth the hype! Here are the must-try spots that have everyone talking:

1. Smashed Cheesecake at BAB

Craving chaos? BAB’s smashed cheesecake is a messy, delicious masterpiece you need in your life.

2. Honeycomb Molten Cake at Durma x ELCT

Get ready to melt with Riyadh’s Durma x ELCT’s viral dessert: honeycomb molten cake—ooey, gooey, and utterly irresistible.

3. Stuffed Waffles at Floated

Floated’s stuffed waffles, especially the lemon and crème brûlée, are the ultimate flavor bombs.

4. Ice Cream Bombs at Hacked

Hacked’s ice cream bombs are a fun surprise with every bite, stuffed with sauce and dipped in your favorite toppings.

5. Ice Crone at Harvey St

Harvey St’s ice crone is the coolest way to beat the heat, packed with wild and wacky toppings. We can see why this dreamy dessert went viral in Riyadh!

6. Over-the-Top Milkshakes at Black Tap

Black Tap’s massive milkshakes come topped with cakes, cookies, or even cheesecakes—sip and snack all at once!

7. Viral Iced Chocolate and Coffee at Be Fine

Be Fine’s iced chocolate and coffee blend is rich, creamy, and totally worth the SAR 21 price tag.

8. Strawberry Matcha at Jon & Vinny’s


ايش بتجربون من مشروباتنا في زيارتكم الجايه 🍹 Strawberry matcha Shirley temple Vanilla bean soda Arnold palmer #riyadh #jonandvinnys

♬ Still Hot – Nic D & Connor Price

Jon & Vinny’s strawberry matcha is the perfect blend of sweet and earthy, making you want to take some home.

9. Cloud Coffee and Cloud Matcha at Kultura

Riyadh’s Kultura’s cloud coffee and matcha are viral dreamy drinks topped with fluffy, sweet cream clouds.

10. Dubai’s Viral Chocolate at Rose Sweets

Rose Sweets brings you Dubai’s most talked-about chocolate—decadent and drool-worthy.

11. Ice Tira Latte at Sociable

Sociable’s ice tira latte is an iced latte meets tiramisu cream dream come true.

12. Blue Matcha at Lazy Cat

Lazy Cat’s blue matcha is not just a pretty face—it’s a delicious, healthful sip of heaven.

13. The Tallest Ice Cream at Superano

Riyadh’s Superano’s tallest ice cream is a viral Instagram sensation and the ultimate summer dessert to beat the heat.

14. Squared Cookies at MAT

MAT’s squared cookies with marshmallows and merry cream are the perfect warm and cold indulgence.

15. Cheesecake Balls at Kareem Sweets

Kareem Sweets’ cheesecake balls with dipping sauces are a flavor-packed, pop-in-your-mouth delight.

16. Al Salankateh at B.Laban

B.Laban’s Al Salankateh is a creamy, dreamy dessert that layers flavors like a pro. This dessert went viral in Riyadh for all the right reasons!

17. Crookie at Bake Stop

Bake Stop’s crookie—a croissant-cookie hybrid—continues to reign supreme in the dessert world.

Riyadh’s viral dessert and drink spots are bursting with creativity and flavor. Pick your favorite and enjoy!