Doua Binsaidan

From Crookies To Flat Croissants: Riyadh Vs Baking Trends

Are you on the hunt for the latest and most unique croissant creations in Riyadh? Well, you’re in luck because the bakeries in this city are always one step ahead when it comes to hopping on the trend train. From the mind-blowing crookie to the trend of flat croissants, here are the spots you absolutely need to check out in Riyadh!

1. Bakestop Bakery – Pioneers of the Crookie

These guys were one of the first to introduce the crookie concept to Riyadh, and they’ve been winning over hearts and taste buds ever since. If you can’t decide between cookies or croissants, why not have both? Trust us, once you sink your teeth into one of their crookies, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

2. Chino – Flat Croissants with Ambiance

Now, if you’re looking for a bakery with a side of ambiance, look no further than Chino. Not only do they nail the trend of delicious flat croissants that are perfect for sharing (especially when paired with their three dipping sauces), but the car models collection decorating this place in Riyadh is a must-see for any automotive enthusiast.

3. Chestnut Bakery – Trio Crookie

Let’s talk about Chestnut Bakery. If you thought the crookie (a.k.a. the ingenious combination of a croissant and a cookie) was already next-level, wait until you try their trio crookie. It is a mini croissant loaded with not one, not two, but three different cookies. Yep, you heard that right. They took the trend up a notch!

4. Bahar Bakery – Riyadh – Flat Croissant Trend With a Twist

Last on our list is Bahar Bakery, tucked away on Aziziya Street. This hidden gem is serving up something truly special – the cheesecake flat croissant. These aren’t just any flat croissants – oh no, Bahar Bakery has taken it to a whole new level by topping them with decadent cheesecake goodness. Whether you’re craving a classic cheesecake flat croissant or feeling adventurous with a mixed berries cheesecake version, Bahar Bakery has it all.