Doua Binsaidan

TV Shows And Programs From The 90s Saudis Grew Up Loving!

Let’s talk about some awesome old TV shows that Saudis grew up loving!

1. Tash ma Tash

First off, who could forget “Tash ma Tash”? It was the ultimate Ramadan must-watch, blending comedy with some seriously on-point social commentary. Those sketches had us rolling on the floor with laughter while also making us think about the world around us.

2. Captain Majed

And then there’s “Captain Majed”! That anime was our jam! Watching those soccer matches felt like we were right there on the field with the players, soaking in all the action and life lessons about teamwork and determination.

3. Man Sayarbah Al-malyoon

Who remembers “Man Sayarbah Al-malyoon”? That game show was pure gold! We’d sit there, shouting out answers at the TV, convinced we were smarter than the contestants. Ah, good times!

4. Khallek Maa’i

And let’s not forget about the dramas, like “Khallek Maa’i.” Those shows really hit you in the feels, didn’t they? They’d tackle some real-life issues in such a relatable way.

5. Ma Yatloubouhou Al Mouchahidoun

And let’s not overlook “Ma Yatloubouhou Al Mouchahidoun” where famous Arab celebrities were interviewed and audience members got to interact, adding an extra layer of excitement to our TV viewing experience.

6. Ibtisamat

We just couldn’t miss an episode of this! The hilarious videos kept us in stitches. “Ibtisamat – Amal Arafeh 1999” was like a comedy goldmine, delivering laughs galore with every click of the remote.

7. Abou Rweished Family

We also had “Abou Rweished Family” This sitcom was like hanging out with our own family, except way funnier. We’d watch the Abu Rweished clan navigate through life’s ups and downs, and we’d laugh, cry, and laugh some more.

8. Hamed Helou

And last but not least Hamed Helou. We were shushed by our moms who were addicted to this one!