Doua Binsaidan

We Found The Tallest Ice Cream In Riyadh!

Looking for a way to conquer the scorching summer heat in Riyadh with something cool, creamy, and utterly delicious? Look no further because we’ve uncovered the ultimate solution for you! Towering ice cream cones stacked high—yes, we’re talking about the tallest ice cream in Riyadh!

Feeling like you’re melting under the scorching sun? Fear not, fellow ice cream enthusiasts, because we’ve stumbled upon the ultimate solution to beat the summer heat: Towering cones stacked high with creamy goodness, ready to whisk you away to frozen paradise. And the best part? It’s just 12 riyals! That’s right, pure bliss at a price that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic flavors like Chocolate & Vanilla or you’re craving something a bit more fruity like Mango & Strawberry, this icy delight can be found here. With eight branches scattered across Riyadh, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to the tallest ice cream experience ever!

This place isn’t just about the tallest ice cream – they’ve got a bunch of treats to satisfy your cravings. Need a caffeine fix? They’ve got you covered. Craving something sweet? Say hello to their drool-worthy donuts. And if you’re feeling hungry, why not indulge in a hotdog while you’re at it? Life’s too short to play it safe, after all!

Grab your sunnies, and head on over to experience the sweet relief of the tallest ice cream in Riyadh! Check out their Instagram page for a sneak peek at their towering creations, and get ready to munch on some frozen delights. It’s the coolest way to beat the heat this summer!