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5 Of Riyadh’s Coolest Outdoor Eateries

If you’re tired of the same old indoor dining routine, let’s spice things up in Riyadh with some killer outdoor spots that are perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying a breezy night out. Check out these Insta-worthy joints that serve up deliciousness with a side of fresh air.

1. Mshagith‘s Southern Vibes:

Straight out of Jizan, Riyadh’s Mshagith is all about that southern charm and outdoor fun. They’ve got this chill outdoor terrace where you can kick back and chow down on some real homely goodness. Yemeni foul galaba and kebda? Uh, yes, please! Whether you’re an early bird or a midnight snacker, Mshagith in Qurtubah is your go-to spot for southern comfort vibes.

2. A.O.K Kitchen‘s Global Flavor Fiesta:

Can’t jet off to London? No worries, A.O.K Kitchen brings the world to Riyadh. From gluten-free pancakes to Wild Tiger Prawns, this place in KAFD is a global food journey. The indoor setup with a central tree is cool, but trust us, the outdoor seating steals the show when the night cools down. They’re open every day from 7 AM to 10:30 PM, serving up a global feast right in the heart of the city.

3. Lusin’s Armenian Feast:

Craving Armenian flavors? Lusin’s got your back! The outdoor terrace in Riyadh is where it’s at for an aromatic meal with family and friends. Traditional meets modern in their menu, and the vibe is just right for a laid-back hangout. Their Manti dish stole our hearts!

4. Koi‘s Japanese Fusion by the Water:

Koi Riyadh is where you get that perfect Insta snap with an outdoor water feature backdrop. Sushi, teppanyaki – they’ve got your Japanese cravings sorted. The place is decked out and ready for a chill time by the water.

5. Chez Bruno‘s Fancy Eats with a View:

Feeling a bit fancy? Chez Bruno at Bujairi Terrace in Diriyah in Riyadh is your spot for the outdoor breeze. Michelin-starred, truffle-based menu, and a view of the At Turaif site – need we say more? It’s a mix of history and top-notch grub.

Riyadh’s outdoor dining scene is where it’s at! So, be sure to hit up these spots for a feast that’s as fresh as the air around you. It’s not just about the food; it’s a whole vibe you won’t want to miss. Cheers to good eats and good times!