Nadia Al-Tuwayjiri

6 Joyful Adventures With Kids In Riyadh Season 2023!

Looking for some epic Riyadh Season 2023 activities to do with the kids? We’re talking a lineup that’ll make your kiddos jump with joy. Check out these must-try activities that are gonna turn your family time into a blast:

Dog Festival Paw-ty:
kids Riyadh season

Got mini pet lovers at home? Circle Nov 30 to Dec 1 on your calendar for the Dog Festival. Saluki races, dog shows, and agility contests – it’s basically a party for your furry friends. Your kids are gonna eat it up!

Disney: The Castle Jam:
Disney Riyadh ديزني الرياض

Imagine your kids soaking up the Disney magic at Riyadh Season 2023! “The Castle” is the place to be, with live tunes, mini-concerts, and the majestic Disney Castle as the backdrop. It’s two hours of pure Disney joy that’ll have your family humming those tunes long after. To make it extra cozy, toss in some comfy cushions for the kiddos – it’s like having a magical picnic with a side of enchanting melodies. Check out Disney The Castle Is Coming To Riyadh: Get Ready For Magic for more information!

Barbie Dreams Unleashed:
kids Riyadh season

Calling all Barbie fans! Step with your kids into an interactive Barbie dreamland in Riyadh season 2023 with adventures, games, and all the memories. Let your kids rock their favorite Barbie look for the ultimate playdate. Insta-worthy moments guaranteed!

Nintendo Fun Zone:
kids Riyadh season

Gamers, get in here! The Nintendo Experience is where it’s at. Try out some Switch games, snap cool pics, and grab some swag. It’s a gamer’s paradise, and yes, parents, you’re allowed to join in on the gaming fun too!

Riyadh Zoo Free-for-All:
kids Riyadh season

Surprise, surprise – Riyadh season’s Riyadh Zoo is free and the kids are going to love it! Over 1,300 animals, including the mysterious Red Panda, are ready for your squad. Monkeys, lions, tigers – it’s a wild party. Pack some snacks to keep the energy high for the ultimate zoo adventure and don’t forget the camera for those wild selfies! It’s a fantastic way to spend quality time with the kids while marveling at nature.

Wonder Garden Wonderland:
kids Riyadh season

Welcome to Wonder Garden – where whimsy meets reality. Pink flamingos, butterflies, and over 70 rides are waiting for your kiddos. Plus, there’s grub, shops, and roaming acts to keep the fun going. The talking tree? Mind officially blown! Tip: Encourage the kiddos to pick out their favorite rides beforehand.