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12 Trucks Rolling Into Riyadh Season 2023’s Food Trucks Park!

The countdown has begun for Riyadh Season 2023, and it’s not just the entertainment and festivities that have people buzzing. This year, the food scene is set to undergo a delicious transformation as some of the most beloved food trucks from around the world roll into Riyadh’s Food Trucks Park starting December 21st.

1. Ugly Noodles:

Ugly Noodles specializes in inventive dishes like Dan Dan noodles, and Hong Kong classics, and some of the most delicious dumplings you’ll ever taste! We Can’t wait to try their Sichuan Wontons!

2. High Joint:

Hailing from Dubai, High Joint is all about unique burger experiences. With a variety of toppings as quirky as mango they promise an explosion of flavors that will leave you craving more. Don’t forget to pair your burger with their scrumptious shakes!

3. 10/10 Burger:

Indulge in the delectable offerings of 10/10 Burger by Mike Majlak here in Riyadh Trucks Park. These burgers are pure perfection. Layers of meat, cheese, secret sauces, and fluffy bread. If you’re a burger enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this one!

4. Prince of Venice:

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, Prince of Venice is here with fresh pasta and pizza made from high-quality ingredients. Don’t miss their Linguine alle Vongole.

5. Ms. Cheezious:

From Miami, Ms. Cheezious is here to redefine grilled cheese. Ranked as one of the best food trucks in America, they specialize in all things cheesy, and you’re in for a treat! Their mac and cheese is a must.

6. Prince Street Pizza:

Taking pizza to the next level, Prince Street Pizza’s foot truck offers classic slices with a twist. Whether you prefer pepperoni or classic cheese, they have your pizza cravings covered in the most satisfying way ever.

7. Le Camion Qui Fume:

Get ready to experience the Parisian food truck scene like never before here in Riyadh. Le Camion Qui Fume, a beloved Parisian food truck, is bringing a dash of American flair from the heart of France. Dive into their loaded fries with Cheddar and jalapeños or savor their mouthwatering smashed burgers.

8. This Is Hot Dog:

Bringing a classic favorite to the Food Trucks Park, This Is Hot Dog offers a variety of hot dogs and sides like fries, poutine, and corn dogs. Prepare for an extraordinary hot dog encounter that goes beyond the ordinary!

9. Seaoul Street:

Get ready to savor Korean-focused delights from Seaoul Street. From rice bowls to beef Bulgogi, they’re bringing the authentic taste of Korea to Riyadh.

10. Ugly Burger:

Ugly Burger, coming to Riyadh Trucks Park from Dubai, promises juicy Asian-inspired burgers that are far from ordinary. Their Big Poppa will feel like a hug after a long day.

11. Mattar:

The pitmaster, Hattem Mattar, is bringing his Mattar food truck to the Food Trucks Park in Riyadh. Get ready for a smoky adventure with smoked brisket, Muffuletta, and more that’s charred to perfection.

12. Wings ‘N Waffles:

Straight from Los Angeles, Wings ‘N Waffles is renowned for its chicken and waffles. Once you take that initial flavorful bite, you’ll find yourself begging these culinary wizards to extend their stay in the kingdom!

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