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The Best Restaurants At Al Nakheel Mall To Enjoy Post Shopping Spree

If you’ve ever shopped till you dropped at Al Nakheel Mall in Riyadh, you know that retail therapy can work up quite an appetite. Whether you’re craving Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Levantine, Japanese, or Indian cuisine, there’s a restaurant to satisfy your post-shopping hunger at Al Nakheel Mall.

1. Pastalita Italian Food:
1. Pastalita Italian Food:

When the shopping bags are heavy and your feet are tired from exploring the mall’s endless wonders, Pastalita Italian Food is your sanctuary of flavor. Celebrate scoring some amazing fashion finds, and dive into a slice of pizza topped with ooey-gooey mozzarella and fresh, crisp salads. The “Philly Steak Pasta” takes the spotlight, promising a mouthwatering fusion of steak slices, mozzarella, and that irresistible Pastalita sauce.

2. Tako Hut:
2. Tako Hut:

A day of shopping isn’t complete without a fiesta! Tako Hut invites you to transform your shopping triumphs into a Mexican-inspired celebration. Feast on tacos, burritos, and fajitas that explode with flavor! The shrimp fajita is a true reward for a successful shopping mission!

3. Catch22:
3. Catch22:

For a dining experience that’s not just delicious but also Instagram-worthy, Al Nakheel Mall’s Catch22 restaurant has it all. The vibrant neon decor sets the stage for a culinary adventure spanning sushi, Mexican delights, and international favorites. Imagine sinking your teeth into the Pull Me Up cheeseburger or twirling creamy chicken pasta on your fork. Their milkshakes are out of this world too!

4. Canton:
Restaurants Nakheel Mall  4. Canton:

When you’re ready for a Chinese feast after a shopping spree, Canton, with over three decades of wok-tossing mastery, is your golden ticket! But the all-time-favorite? The mesmerizing Teppanyaki loaded with flavors you won’t want to miss.

5. Awani:
Restaurants Nakheel Mall 5. Awan Levant:

Savor dishes like fatteh and grilled meats at Awani restaurant in Al Nakheel Mall and don’t skip the cold and hot mezzes – they’re guaranteed to transport you to the streets of Beirut! If you love this cuisine, check out Riyadh’s Levantine Delights: 6 Must-Try Restaurants.

6. Sushi Library:
Restaurants Nakheel Mall 6. Sushi Library:

Dive into super fresh sushi, savor delicate dumplings, and don’t forget to try their signature “Zebra Roll.” Prawn tempura, crispy salmon, and sweet chili sauce combine in a symphony of tastes that will make a sushi lover out of anyone.

7. Zafran Indian Bistro:
Restaurants Nakheel Mall 7. Zafran Indian Bistro:

Zafran Indian Restaurant in Al Nakheel Mall is your ticket to India’s vibrant culinary scene. After conquering your shopping mission, treat yourself to timeless favorites like Tikka Masala and Chicken Korma. And do not forget the tantalizing sides – samosas, naan bread, and yogurt dips bursting with freshness!