Doua Binsaidan

5 Spots For Delicious Frozen Yoghurt In Riyadh

Are you ready to embark on a delicious adventure? We’ve rounded up Riyadh’s coolest frozen yogurt spots to satisfy your sweet cravings and beat the heat with amazing summer delights.

1. Go Greek Yogurt:

Step into a frozen yogurt wonderland at Go Greek Yogurt in Riyadh. This authentic yogurt bar and coffee shop is dedicated to providing nutritious and delicious food options. At GGY, they’ve taken yogurt to a whole new level with a mission to provide you with easy, grab-and-go nutritious food options. Vegans, brace yourselves for the “Vegan Special Summer Mix”. It’s a vegan frozen delight that’s as nutritious, fruity, and refreshing!

2. Froz:

Ready to create your own frozen yogurt masterpiece? Froz lets you be the flavor artist. You can choose your favorite flavor and top it off with your preferred sauce. Their menu features a variety of fruit-based flavors that change with the seasons. Whether it’s mango, lemon, or strawberry, you’re guaranteed a healthy and refreshing treat.

3. Pinkberry:
Riyadh's Frozen Yogurt 3. Pinkberry:

Pinkberry needs no introduciton, so grab your favorite toppings and create a frozen masterpiece.

4. Pick:

Want a flavor combo that’s out of this world? Meet “Mangomissu” from Pick – a blend of their best-selling flavors: mango and tiramisu! This combination is proof that innovation knows no bounds when it comes to frozen yogurt at Pick, Riyadh!

5. Menchies:
Riyadh's Frozen Yogurt Menchies

If you’re exploring Riyadh with your little ones, Menchies is your go-to destination for frozen yogurt. Their latest featured flavor, “Chocolate Dipped Banana made with Hershey’s Chocolate,” is a surefire hit with kids and adults alike. It’s the ideal after-school snack to brighten up your day.

From the creamy swirls at GGY to the customizability at Froz and the classic goodness at Pinkberry, Riyadh’s frozen yogurt scene is a wonderland waiting to be explored.