Muteb Alakeel

6 Types Of Guests That Visit Your Home In Riyadh

Having guests over at your house can be really great ( most of the time), but sometimes it is just aggravating. Here are six types of guests who tend to show up at your house in Riyadh! Which type gets on your nerves the most?

1. The one who comes over at the crack of dawn

Were you dreaming of us?

2. The one who drags their kids along with them

And now you have a screaming child in your living room.

3. The one who insists on giving you life advice.

I will just change my career as we speak.

4. The one trying to set you up with their cousin/son/daughter.

And they’ve been trying for years!

5. The one who makes comments about your weight


6. The one you only see on Eid

And doesn’t even give you your promised gifts.