Nader Al Shammari

Growing Up In Saudi: 13 Things You’ll Relate To

Growing up in Saudi is an experience unlike any other! Here are a few things that you will probably relate to if you grew up in Saudi. From where we used to get our favorite snacks to all the wonderful things we love about having grown up here, this is our list of everything that made our childhoods in KSA unique.

1. Al Hamoud Sweets was your favorite place on earth.

2. You have unreasonably high standards for shawarma.

3. You have gotten into fights over who serves the best shawarma in your city.

4. Going to LuLu as a kid = junk food heaven.

5. Your foreign friends are always shocked when you say you’ve met MANY princes and princesses.

6. In our eyes, the weather isn’t really bad until it climbs past 47 degrees.

7. Laban is a regular accompaniment to so many of your meals.

8. Cheese bread. Enough said. 

9. You’ve met people from all over the world!

10. 37 degrees is a relatively OKAY temperature. 

11. You spent your childhood chugging Shani.

12. And these addictive snacks!

13. You feel so privileged to have grown up in one of the world’s safest and comfortable countries!

Let us know what growing up in Saudi meant for you in the comments section!