Maen Bamatraf

11 Snacks All Saudis Are Addicted To

Saudi snacks are simply supreme. How many of these do you love scarfing down or do you remember being addicted to as a kid?

1. Pufak

Addictively delicious puffed corn snacks that you could not stop eating.

2. Sun Top

Smells and tastes like summer!

3. Shani

The superior drink.

4. Al Marai Double Chocolate Milk


5. Baboo

The cups and cones were great, but the ice lolly was your favorite.

6. Rico Biscuits

Rico Snack Saudi

Cream and chocolate stuffed bites of heaven!

7. Nasma

The cheesy corn snacks you would pour right into your mouth!

8. Tang

Hands down our favorite

9. Fruit Rolls Ups

Meters and meters of sugary treats that turn your tongue all sorts of colors!

10. Vimto

Admit it, you felt like an adult whenever you cracked open a can.

11. Yamama Cakes!

Heavenly sponge cakes layered with cream and chocolate.