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Iftar Deals In Riyadh That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for some pocket-friendly iftar deals? Don’t you worry, in Riyadh, there’s something for everyone! Discover the top iftar deals in Riyadh for Ramadan 2023 – with something to suit every taste and budget.


For an Italian iftar like no other in Riyadh, head to the beloved Piatto. Live your Italian moments, and enjoy one of the most delicious iftar menus. Get all your nutrients in at their all-you-can-eat salad bar, then select your favotire soup, an appetizer combo, a choice from selected desserts, and a fountain beverage or iced tea starting at SR 99 only.

Shawarma house

Shawarma House has included a bunch of iftar boxes in its menu for less than SR 100. This variety of options available will surely satisfy all tastes. Tuck into authentic Arabic meals with the mini falafel box or shawarma Darzn box. But if you’re looking for a box for one, pick between the single box and the kitto single box for SR 44 and SR 59 respectively!

Ennabi Grill

All eyes are on Ennabi Grill this Ramadan thanks to its amazing pocket-friendly iftar deals in Riyadh! For just SR 79 per person for dining in and SR 49 for delivery, you can feast on authentic dishes like a mix of appetizers, cheese and zaatar samosas, lentil soup, Tabbuleh, rice, and grilled meat! Dates and a cold beverage are included too.


Canton’s iftar offer is like no other! For just SR 40, you can order Canton’s box packed with enough food to keep you satisfied! We’re talking a trio of appetizers like savory samosas, heartwarming soup, and your choice of Canton’s chicken or meat with a side of rice or noodles. There are also dates and cold beverages such as ayran (yogurt drink) and a bottle of water.

Steak House

Offering one of the best steak deals in Riyadh, Steak House is serving a variety of deliciousness this Ramadan! The delightful iftar menu starts at SR 89 only per person and it definitely packs a punch! Start with the water and dates then head straight to the soup and salad bar. Once done, pick your choice of the main course and wash it all down with much-needed gahwa.