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4 Scrumptious Cheesecake Spots In Riyadh

From classic to creamy, everyone has a soft spot for cheesecake. Thankfully, the Riyadh food scene does not disappoint when it comes to sweets, and cheesecake is no different!

We’ve tracked down four of the best cheesecake spots in Riyadh, so grab your friends and rev up your appetite for a magnificent slice.


Get your hands on a sinfully delicious cheesecake from this delectable bakery. Signature flavors include pecan, chunky Oreo, salted caramel, and plenty of others. The miniature cheesecakes at Palet bakery have earned quite the reputation – particularly the mixed berries one. Crumbly crust, decadent fillings, and the creamiest consistencies await.


If you’re craving a cheesecake that’s both delicious and pretty to look at, then this is the place for you. Bursting with fruitiness, and dripping with other indulgent creamy ingredients and a crumbly crust, the cheesecakes at this Riyadh spot are not to be missed. Ideal for special occasions and creamy beyond your wildest dreams, every sweet tooth will love this joint.

City of Ice Cream

Love both cheesecake AND ice cream? Why not have the best of both worlds? Available in delicious flavors like blissful lemon, devil’s caramel, and many others, these frozen treats are all dipped in chocolate.

Lilou Artisan Patisserie KSA

Highlights from this heavenly spot include delicious mango and rich Snickers! Not only do their amazing cakes look regal, they also taste like heaven, too.