Maged Algarzae

4 Beautiful Outdoor Spots In Riyadh

Feeling trapped? Here are four of Riyadh’s finest outdoor spots for a little escape! Visit these spaces to unwind and recharge, and make some incredible memories while you’re at it!

1. King Abdullah Park

Park is an understatement since this is quite literally a mini city. With dancing fountains and endless green spaces, this urban park is an oasis.

2. Riyadh Zoo

Exhibiting around 1,500 several exotic wildlife animals from around the world like seals, kangaroos, griffon vultures, tapirs, hyenas, lions, monkeys, and so much more, this is a great place for animal lovers and children.

3. Salam Park

This unique urban destination attracts over 780,000 visitors each year, and for good reason. Enjoy a scenic walk in the fresh air at this previously privately owned farm known for its date palms that still stand. This outdoor spot will rejuvenate and refresh you.

4. The Edge of the World

The outdoor spot that quite possibly beats them all, the Edge of the World! Feel like going MEGA outdoorsy? Also known as Jabal Fihrayn, The Edge of the World is a geological wonder that is a must-visit. Stand at the edge and recharge.