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5 Fun Campsites To Explore Near Riyadh

Hurry up and get to planning, because this weather is perfect for camping! Whether in a national park or in the middle of nowhere, camping can be quite therapeutic.

Grab your friends, pack your bags, and head to one of these five picturesque spots that are perfect for stargazing, watching dramatic sunsets, off-roading and, of course, overnight camping just near Riyadh!

Al Thumama National Park

Al Thumama National Park is a beautiful camping destination in the desert with plenty of activities for all age groups. Enjoy camel rides, picnics, and open-air barbecues. For those of you who happen to be adrenaline junkies, you’ve got to try your hand at rock-climbing and quad biking for an unforgettable experience.

Rawdat Al-Khafs

Around 65 minutes away from Riyadh’s city center, Rawdat Al-Khafs will become your go-to place when longing for some greenery. Lose yourself in the enchanting sunsets or just a night in the tents at this beautiful meadow.

Red Sand Dunes

Pitch your tent at this fantastic campsite and indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the best sunset views. Enjoy plenty of desert activities in the Red Sand Dunes like dune-bashing, buggy riding, and desert hiking!

Khararah National Park

Khararah is another National Park where you can spend the best night in a tent on the bank of Khararah Lake, a large oasis, formed only after heavy rains. The park also has quad bike rentals, vast dunes, and horseback riding, making it one of the best campsites in Riyadh with plenty of entertaining activities.

Falcon International Camp

If you’re more into fully-serviced camping experiences, then Falcon International Camp is the place for you. Book your camping package in Al Reem Reserve and witness the training of falcons along with other activities for a unique worry-free desert experience.