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Fowaz Algow 03 Nov 2022

Here’s How Much Quarter Final World Cup 2022 Tickets Are Going For

Have you recently messed up big time and happen to have SAR32,000 lying around? We have a great idea for an apology gift that will get you off the hook for the next two birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Days.

Tickets for the World Cup 2022 quarter finals are still available and can be yours for the taking all for the price of 15,987.50/person. This price includes a roundtrip ticket from Riyadh to Doha, a four-night stay at a Doha hotel, and four match tickets (2 per person). Other packages for the Finals are sold out.

See some of football’s biggest stars, such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, and see if you can steal one of their shirts to make some of your money back.

So, grab your beloved and tell them that you’re sorry that you told them to shut up in the most 2022 way as of yet. While some might advocate for couples therapy and other forms of scientific solutions to your ills, we believe that nothing can be better than the good old carrot and stick. We’re sure the price tag will make you think twice before speaking again.

When you finally get to the match, be sure to soak it all in and emotionally prepare yourself for the inevitable homelessness that will ensue once you land back in Riyadh in the red. Maybe your time back on the streets will be the start of an epic street-to-champion tale of World Cup glory that you’ll look back on fondly, or maybe it’ll be the tale of why you should never make any financial decisions again. Win-win.

If you are really interested, here is the link to book. Alternatively, look through our Guides section for something a little more down to earth.