Maen Bamatraf

Your Ultimate Guide To Ramadan Tents In Riyadh!

It’s the first winter Ramadan we’ve had in quite some time, and we’re thrilled to embrace the cool weather and the unique Ramadan atmosphere! This year, we’ve rounded up the hottest Ramadan tents in Riyadh that promise not just a feast for your senses but also a vibe that screams, “Let’s make memories!” So, grab your pals and let the feasting begin!

1. Ramadan Tent at Four Seasons Riyadh:

If you’re all about those traditional vibes, head over to the Ramadan Tent at Four Seasons Riyadh. With Saudi delights such as Ouzi and Jareesh, Asian specialties, and a chocolate fountain for dessert (yes, please!), it’s a buffet tailored for royalty. And fear not, parents – there’s a special buffet for the little ones too. Let the kiddos have their fun while you indulge!

2. Fairmont, Riyadh Ramadan Tent:

If you’re all about that cultural bazaar vibe, Fairmont Riyadh’s Ramadan Tent is where it’s at. For SAR 490 per person, you’ll be treated to an eclectic mix of authentic and international flavors. Plus, they’ve got a Michelin-star experience by Chef Luigi Taglienti, and a cultural bazaar showcasing local goodies. It’s a feast for the senses!

3. J.W. Market at JW Marriott Riyadh:

Get ready to have an extraordinary time because JW Mariott will transport you to the charm of old Saudi markets with breathtaking Najdi architecture. Dive into a buffet bursting with global flavors, live cooking stations, and a sweet corner that’s basically dessert heaven. Don’t miss out on the distinctive Knefe and Saudi coffee after your iftar! Pro tip: Kids under six eat free, and there’s a cool 50% off for the little ones aged 6 to 12. Book your spot and get ready to create Insta-worthy memories!

4. AlQasir Tent at The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh:

For a touch of fancy and serene vibes, AlQasir Tent at The Ritz-Carlton is your go-to spot. Known for its mouthwatering offerings and menu updates every Ramadan, it’s where you gather with your squad for a dining experience that’s all shades of fabulous.

5. Riyadh’s Mandarin Oriental AlFaisaliah Ramadan Tent:

Mandarin Oriental AlFaisaliah is a popular choice for a reason. With an international and regional spread that we all adore, live cooking stations, and activities for the kiddos, it’s a total win. Get ready to devour scrumptious dishes and sip on classic Ramadan beverages. Are you team Jallab or Kamr El Din? Both are delish!

So, there you have it – Riyadh’s top Ramadan tents calling your name! This winter Ramadan is the perfect excuse to gather, feast, and soak in the festive vibes. Make those reservations, and let the good times roll! Ramadan Kareem!