Doua Binsaidan

Last Call For Brunch: Explore These 20 Riyadh Spots Before Ramadan!

One more delightful brunch adventure in Riyadh awaits before the spirit of Ramadan graces our tables next week! Whether you’re a fan of traditional Arabic breakfast or prefer a global fusion experience, Riyadh has something for every palate. Here’s a curated list of the 20 best brunch spots in Riyadh to indulge in before the start of Ramadan.

1. Urth Caffe

Trendy and delectable, Urth Caffe offers inventive dishes like savory cheese cruffins and mouthwatering eggs benedict, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

2. Lunchroom

Rise and shine with Lunchroom’s cozy wooden interior, serving fetta and ricotta dip, fresh tandoor bread, clay oven-baked goods, panouzzi, and eggs. The place is turning heads as the 40th best in MENA.

3. Flour and Firewood

A delightful restaurant, bakery, and café on Prince Sultan Abdulaziz Road known for its amazing brunch dishes, including a must-try French toast topped with syrup, and a delightful Labneh sandwich.

4. Buttermilk

Indulge in Southern American comfort food with Buttermilk’s honey blueberry pancakes, a fluffy and mouthwatering delight.

5. Bakery Portal

Offering some of the best pastries in town, Bakery Portal serves sweet and savory classics, including the must-try chicken fajita croissant sandwich and falafel croissant.

6. La Gais

Elevating breakfast to another level, La Gais offers an innovative menu with dishes like giant cups of cereal, shakshuka, savory and sweet mutabbaq, moqalqal, and galaba.

7. A.O.K Kitchen

Go on a global food journey at A.O.K Kitchen, with offerings like gluten-free pancakes and Truffle Rumbled Eggs, set in a cool indoor setup and stunning outdoor seating.

8. Zaatar W Zeit

Satisfy your Lebanese manouche cravings at Zaatar W Zeit, with a decade of expertise in crafting delicious manakish.

9. EL&N Cafe

Immerse yourself in the pink wonder of EL&N, with delightful dishes like Nutella French toast, Dutch pancakes, and eggs royale.

10. Barbar

A Lebanese gem open 24/7, Barbar is a must-visit for manouche lovers, offering minced meat and cheese manouche, and enticing soujouk options.

11. Brunch & Cake KSA

True to its name, Brunch & Cake KSA is a go-to for delectable brunch dishes in Riyadh, featuring classics like avocado toast and inventive dishes like eggs carbonara.

12. Draft

A trendy and unique cafe! Creative vibes, comfortable seating, and delicious coffee can be found at this fun spot. Enjoy a freshly baked croissant or a delicious sandwich alongside your favorite coffee order!

13. The Coffee Club

Pair exceptional coffee with delightful pancakes at Riyadh’s Coffee Club, where the perfect match is made in brunch heaven.

14. It Cafe

Start your weekend on a delicious note at It Cafe with flavorful Mediterranean and Western breakfasts, featuring eggs, Bosnian sujuk, and crispy flatbreads.

15. Lazy Cat

The Japanese pancakes at Lazy Cat are a must-try, offering a perfect blend of sweet and savory options at this Kuwaiti hotspot. Their granola bowls are so refreshing, healthy and filling!

16. Ohayou

Indulge in one of the best open-face egg croissants at Ohayou, an all-day brunch restaurant offering heavenly desserts.

17. Brekkie

Experience the ultimate brunch spot in Riyadh with Bali vibes, featuring mouthwatering creations like the Greek Fruity Granola, Arabic Mezze Platter, and flavorful egg benedicts.

18. Mshagith

Enjoy southern charm and outdoor fun at Mshagith, offering chill outdoor terrace vibes and homely goodness from Jizan.

19. Toastic Bakery

Explore the fantastic offerings at Toastic Bakery, with delicious coffee, sandwiches, and delectable croissants like the butter-rich almond-filling croissants.

20. Out Of Line

Indulge in Riyadh’s best croissants and sourdoughs at Out Of Line, a bakery and coffee roaster, offering crispy shells, flakey layers, and a distinct buttery flavor.