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Nader Al Shammari

3 Saudi Restaurants Crowned Among MENA’s Top 50

Three of Saudi’s best restaurants have proudly secured coveted spots on The List’s MENA Top 50 for 2024. Discover with us the stories behind Marble’s sizzling steaks, Lunch Room’s inventive brunch delights, and Kuuru’s fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors that have earned them a well-deserved place among the region’s best.

1. Marble – #22 Best in MENA

If you’re in Riyadh, you’ve gotta check out Marble. This Saudi restaurant that has made it to MENA’s 50 best used to be a simple wooden stall, and now it’s a top-notch steakhouse smack dab in the city center. Their Marble burger is a hit, but the real star is the prime rib – a hefty 400g of ribeye cooked over oak wood. They’ve got the best steak in town! Find them at 5802 Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road, Turki Square, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2. Lunch Room – #40 Best in MENA

In Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh, Lunch Room is a Saudi restaurant turning heads as the 40th best. This spot is all about giving classics a funky twist, mixing Indian street food with traditional Arabic faves. Everything’s made in-house, and the smell of fresh bread fills the joint. You can’t leave without trying their famous bread with gaymar cream and honeycomb. Swing by RGHB8030, 8030 Takhassusi Branch Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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3. Kuuru – #50 Best in MENA

Jump over to Jeddah, and you’ll find Kuuru at the 50th spot. These guys are all about Nikkei cuisine – think Japanese meets Peruvian. They grab their seafood fresh from the Red Sea, making killer sushi and nigiri with a Peruvian twist. Don’t miss the rococo scallops – they’re unreal. Kuuru’s got a fancy interior, a live cooking station, and the address is Al Malik Road, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.