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Play Real-Life Mario Kart At Battle Kart In Riyadh!

Rev those engines, because Battle Kart is about to turn your go-karting fantasies into a full-blown Mario Kart spectacle! Born in the heart of Belgium but racing straight into Riyadh, Battle Kart isn’t your typical go-kart track. It’s a high-tech playground that will make your childhood dreams of being in a Mario Kart race come to life!

Here’s how it goes at Battle Kart, Riyadh: you’re tearing down the track with your pals, dodging banana peels, and power-sliding through Mushroom Gorges, all while being surrounded by a mind-blowing screen projecting dynamic circuits in real-time. It’s a turbo-charged adventure through a neon-infused Mushroom Kingdom!

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Strap in for BattleRace, a competition where you’ll battle it out with your friends to complete the most laps. Hit those speed-boosting boxes like a pro, dodge those sneaky Thwomps, and leave your opponents in the dust.

battle kart Riyadh

Ready for a cooperative challenge that’ll have you shouting at Battle Kart in Riyadh? Enter BattleVirus, where you and your team must team up to defeat a nasty virus. Face off against a relentless virus that adapts to your every move. Coordinate with your teammates to take it down, whether it’s aiming missiles or healing infected friends.

battle kart Riyadh

And who said go-karting can’t be a soccer showdown? Get ready for BattleFoot 2.0, where two teams use their karts to kick a virtual soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. It’s like a wild mix of Mario Kart and Rocket League – pure chaos on the track!

Battle Kart in Riyadh introduces BattleSnake and BattleColor – challenges that’ll test your skills and make you the Mario Kart legend you were born to be. Prices start at an unbeatable SAR120 for the first round, so gather your crew, grab your favorite kart, and let’s hit the track for the ride of a lifetime!

battle kart Riyadh

Get ready for speed boosts, shrooms, and shell-shocking thrills at Battle Kart in Riyadh – where the only limit is your imagination, and the finish line is just the beginning of the adventure!