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Nadia Al-Tuwayjiri

8 Made In KSA Products We Adore

Looking to support our very own national production? We are so happy to report that thousands of companies have joined the ‘Made in Saudi‘ initiative led by the Saudi Export Development Authority (Saudi Exports) which aims to help local businesses thrive. In order to shed light on these companies, we’ve selected eight products that are made in KSA that you can enjoy, all of which are exceptional and can compete on global levels!

Here are 8 products that are made in KSA that we simply adore.

1. 3DSabhah

Stunning sabhahs made using 3D printers! This is the perfect way to combine new technology and keep our culture alive with these wonderful pieces.

2. Chaos

Beautiful and well-crafted leather goods ranging from card holders and wallets to pocket organizers. All customizable and, of course, all made in KSA!

3. Dar Mada

Beautiful homeware that is the perfect combination of well-designed and useful. Ergonomic tables, coffee pots, and beautiful sets await at this local business.

4. Sh Pottery

Adorable creations that are ideal as a gift! Unique, personal, and useful.

5. Esperanza

Home of slow fashion that is sustainable and adorable! Your little ones will look adorable in these simple yet chic outfits.

6. Kankana

Play sofas made by mothers in Saudi, aimed at providing children with fun furniture that is functional and durable!

7. Mayassem Suds

A local soap company that is upgrading your bath rituals with beautiful soaps made using natural ingredients.

8. Mine Bags And Accessories

Beautifully decorated tote bags, slippers, and clothing all made in KSA. Embroider your name onto your shirt or bag for a little extra pizzazz. These high quality creations made for exceptional gifts, either for yourself or for a loved one.

So the next time you are looking to select a gift or do some shopping, consider purchasing from a local business!