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Savoring Saudi National Day: Irresistible Bites, Discounts, and Special Menus!

As Saudi Arabia gears up to celebrate its National Day, the culinary scene is abuzz with delightful treats and special offerings. From traditional flavors to innovative fusions, there’s something for everyone to savor. Let’s take a mouthwatering tour of some of the most enticing bites for Saudi National Day!

1. Bundt Bakery’s Saffron and Cardamom Cake
1. Bundt Bakery's Saffron and Cardamom Cake

Kicking off our list is Bundt Bakery, where tradition meets modernity. They’re presenting a timeless saffron and cardamom cake, skillfully adorned with a rose icing and crunchy pistachio for SAR93. This fusion of flavors is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Saudi Arabia. Order your slice of elegance at Bundt Bakery.

2. Café Elle‘s Dates and Cardamom Croquembouche
2. Café Elle's Dates and Cardamom Croquembouche

Indulge in the delectable Croquembouche from Café Elle, a delightful and elegant fusion of French artistry and Saudi heritage. These green bites are a true work of art that celebrates the Saudi National Day in style! Enjoy the earthy and sweet flavors of dates and cardamom.

3. Dyar Bakery‘s Cake Collection
3. Dyar Bakery's Cake Collection

Dyar Bakery is offering a delightful selection of cakes, including a honey cake for 93 Saudi Riyals that serves 8-9 people. Whether you prefer carrot cake or a two-tiered chocolate pecan cake, they’ve got you covered for a discounted price. Make sure to explore their offerings.

4. Morini‘s National Day Special
4. Morini's National Day

For a full-fledged feast, head to Morini Riyadh. Their special National Day offer includes two side dishes, a main course, and a dessert, all for just 93 Saudi Riyals. Plus, your plates will be adorned with the Saudi flag, adding a patriotic touch to your celebration. Join the festivities at Morini Riyadh.

5. Munch Bakery‘s Exclusive Cake
5. Munch Bakery's Exclusive Cake

Munch Bakery invites you to gather and celebrate with their exclusive cake for Saudi National Day. Show your national pride with their delightful creations “We dream and achieve”. From gorgeous and colorful cupcakes to a cake that will take your celebrations to a new level, Munch Bakery is where you should place your order.

6. Pops to Go‘s Cake Pops
6. Pops to Go's Cake Pops

Pops to Go offers amazing cake pops with Saudi National Day designs, making for a fun and flavorful addition to your celebration. These cake bites with Saudi National Day designs are not just cute; they’re downright irresistible! Snag your share at Pops to Go.

7. L’Olivo‘s Mini Soft Box
7. L'Olivo's Mini Soft Box Saudi National Day Bites

L’Olivo presents a special offer with their “Mini Soft Box” comprising 12 pieces for 93 Saudi Riyals. Perfect for breakfast on the holiday weekend to kick off the festivities just right, these mini croissants are stuffed with cheese, veggies and more. Grab this tempting offer on Friday and Saturday at L’Olivo.

8. Roka Restaurant’s Exclusive Matcha Treats
8. Roka Restaurant's Exclusive Matcha Treats Saudi National Day Bites

Roka Restaurant is unleashing the matcha madness! For Saudi National Day, they’ve concocted the So Matcha Midori Umi cocktail, exclusively designed to elevate your celebration. Don’t miss the limited-time-only So Matcha Mochi dessert, it is made from the bottom of a green heart.

9. Bateel‘s Legacy Collection
9. Bateel's Legacy Collection Saudi National Day Bites

Bateel’s Legacy Collection is the ultimate gourmet gift set, perfect for sharing tasty bites on Saudi National Day. Whether it’s gift boxes or chocolate assortments, these treasures are sure to delight family, friends, and colleagues. Explore the exquisite collection!

This National Day, indulge in the flavors of tradition and innovation. From desserts to set menus, there are delightful bites waiting for you at these culinary destinations in celebration of Saudi National Day. Celebrate through the joy of food!