Maha Mossali

Take A Trip Around The World With These Desserts In Riyadh!

Ready to indulge? Join us on a sugary adventure as we introduce you to six dessert spots in Riyadh that’ll take your taste buds on a wild journey around the world.

1. Churros Joy – Spanish Sensation

Spanish churros

Our adventure kicks off with a bang at Churros Joy – a Spanish churros and coffee haven that’s been rocking Riyadh since 2015. Whether you’re into mini churros, hollow churros, original churros, or just delicious churro bites, this place is pure joy. Dip them in thick, velvety chocolate for an instant Spanish siesta!

2. ARCO | أركو – Italian Tiramisu Extravaganza

desserts riyadh: Arco

Next stop: Italy! ARCO is where coffee and Tiramisu collide in perfect harmony. Their Italian Tiramisu comes in all shapes and forms and is like a sweet symphony of creamy mascarpone, coffee-soaked ladyfingers, and cocoa magic. Close your eyes and savor the dolce vita right in Riyadh.

3. Moishi – Tokyo Treats in Riyadh


Get ready to be whisked away to the neon streets of Tokyo at M’oishi. This dessert place in Riyadh is all about Japanese flavors. Expect matcha madness, a delightful mochi selection, and a dessert adventure that’ll leave you saying, “Arigatou gozaimasu!”

4. Topkapi – Turkish Baklava Bliss

desserts riyadh: Topkapi

Our dessert journey in Riyadh takes a detour to Turkey with Topkapi. This place is the Baklava boss of Riyadh, serving up layers of flaky pastry, sweet syrup, and nutty goodness. It’s a trip to the vibrant bazaars of Istanbul without leaving the city.

5. Bakery & Co – Macaron Magic in Riyadh

5. Bakery & Co - Macaron Magic in Riyadh

Bonjour, sweet tooth! Bakery & Co is a slice of Paris right here in Riyadh serving some of the best desserts in Riyadh. Their macarons, especially the praline macaron with its rich praline cream, are like edible art. Each bite is a little piece of the City of Love.

6. DS Wafels – Waffle Wonderland

desserts riyadh: 6. Dutch Stroop - Waffle Wonderland

Our grand finale takes us to the picturesque Netherlands. Dutch Stroop serves up warm, syrupy stroopwaffles that are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Choose your toppings and dig in!

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