Maen Bamatraf

3 Perfect Nature Retreats In Saudi

Feel like taking a break from the city? Sometimes the hustle and bustle of Riyadh, Jeddah, and other cities. Here are three of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s finest nature escapes! Visit these spaces to unwind and recharge, and make some incredible memories while you’re at it!

1. Al Wahbah Crater

Where serenity and magic meet. This vast crater has a milky blue lake of sodium phosphate crystals in the middle, making it look right out of a Sci-Fi movie. Carved into the western edge of the Hafer Kishb basalt plateau, this volcanic crater will take your breath away with its stunning glittering crust. Since this spot is nearly 5 hours outside Riyadh, visitors might want to consider camping for a night to make the visit worthwhile. Did we mention that it is an incredible opportunity to stargaze under the vast skies?

2. The Hidden Canyon

As the name suggests, this magical hidden canyon is right out of a dream and ideal for Saudi nature lovers as well as anyone who is visits the Kingdom. This space is best appreciated after winter, when the mini canyon fills up making it an ideal spot for a swim so you can take a refreshing dip. You can enjoy a picnic in the nearby areas too.

3. The Edge of the World

Also known as Jabal Fihrayn, this geological wonder is a must-visit for anyone. Stand at the edge and recharge at this spot that is around 90 minutes from Riyadh by car. You can hike around this wonderful and scenic space, enjoy camping, and soak in the magical cliffs that were formed over so many years.