Maha Mossali

6 Of The Best Cheeseburgers In Riyadh

Burger lovers, rejoice! We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the very best cheeseburgers in town. From mouthwatering gourmet options, to comforting feel-good bites, do not miss out on any of these delectable cheeseburgers in Riyadh.

1. Smokey Beards

This Texas-style smokehouse is a must-try for all meat lovers and die-hard burger fanatics. Sample their brisket trays, but do not miss out on taking a big bite out of their burger menu. Purists will argue that this is not a classic cheeseburger since it is loaded with pulled brisket meat, but they need to do less talking and dig in! Tender pulled meat loaded with cheese, mushrooms, coleslaw, and more.

2. Section B

This cheeseburger’s reputation precedes it, with most Riyadh foodies already having gotten a taste. Sink your teeth into this exceptional B-burger, made with premium American cheese and certified Angus mince. Simple and delicious, this burger always hits the spot.

3. Sultan Steakhouse

This Saudi spot serves up some of Riyadh’s finest burgers with a Turkish twist. It also happens to be every meat lovers’ dream! The big beefy item on the menu is the cheeseburger, which is perfectly melty and comes with a massive patty.

4. Chef’s Homemade Burger Gourmet

This delightful smokehouse is generous and iconic, and it is also home to one of the most delicious bites in Riyadh. Brisket lovers will adore digging in to the many trays offered at Chef’s, but Riyadh’s cheeseburger addicts have got to try one of the cheeseburgers. Cheesy, buttery, and perfect.

5. Acme

Despite this spot being dedicated to delectable fried chicken burgers, they also have delicious beef cheeseburgers on the menu. Enjoy their Acme burger made with a mix of ground beef and brisket meat, topped with pickles, Swiss cheese, and the Acme secret sauce. They also have one of the most Instagrammable dishes in Riyadh, their iconic tower of fries!

6. Porterhouse

Another Saudi-born restaurant that has been turning heads with their killer burgers. Their Porterhouse mini burgers are made with dry-aged Wagyu beef and topped with onion jam, potato chips, Racklett cheese, and Dijon aioli…all rolled into a pillowy potato bun. Heaven.