Maged Algarzae

5 More Shawarma Spots You Should Try In Riyadh

We already told you about 6 amazing shawarma spots you need to try in Riyadh, but we’re not done just yet! After publishing our previous post on Facebook and Instagram, you all came through with amazing suggestions that we’ve compiled. Without further ado, here are 5 MORE shawarma spots in Riyadh for our hungry foodies to add to their bucket list.

1. Hekayat Al Reef

Every dish over at Hekayat Al Reef will tell you a story full of flavor, and while this spot is known for its mixed grills, their shawarma is an honorable mention on the menu. Known for its generous portions and fillings, it’s not called a saroukh for nothing.

And have you ever heard of fattet shawarma? Yes, you read that right. We’ve had our fair share of fatteh, but their shawarma-fied version sounds delicious.

2. Bab Tuma

Bab Tuma is mostly known for its unique takes on traditional Arab and Middle Eastern cuisine, serving up an irresistible combination of flavors that will impress any foodie. And of course, some of their most impressive dish are the shawarma platters and cake.

Don’t worry, it’s not an actual cake, but it is in spirit! Passionate foodies must have a shawarma cake from Bab Tuma at least once in their life.

3. Al Saj Al Dahabi

As one of the oldest shawarma restaurants in Riyadh, you better believe that Al Saj Al Dahabi has perfected their recipe. With the toumiest of toum formulas and ideal bread-to-meat ratio, you’ll fall in love with their sandwiches one bite at a time.

Did you know this spot is hailed as one of the best shawarma joints in Riyadh? It’s time for you to put that to the test.

4. Saj El Mokhtar

Saj El Mokhtar is proving to us that even shawarma making is an art form. Their creative presentation makes it all the more appetizing. While you can opt for an old-fashioned sandwich, their filling platters are perfect for you and your hungry friends.

These dishes will make the garlic breath worth it.

5. Shawarma Em Nazih

You will not find any sandwiches that beat the ones served at Em Nazih. Making the perfect shawarma is their specialty, so you’ll be in good hands during your visit.

We’re calling on all foodies to make shawarma parties a thing so we can enjoy this box from Em Nazih even more.